Project Description

Customized CDs for your Company

We can offer you different CDs / DVDs customized with your brand on the cover.

What does it consist of?

CDs / DVDs are unique objects.
Interpreted by our crooner Matteo Brancaleoni will be customized with your brand on the cover of CDs / DVDs and represent the real new class choice for your business gifts, a special occasion, Christmas gifts or as a welcome gadget for: inaugurations, conferences, promotional tours , incentives and launches of new products for your company. Concerts and live evenings for your class event!

There is also the possibility of having a guest at Your Company party. The live presence of our artist Matteo Brancaleoni for a concert exclusively for you, to make even more “important” the tribute that you will give to your guests.

“Matteo is a great singer and a real entertainer, his record moved me.”
Michael Bublé

“One of the best voices of his generation, his record is beautiful.”
Renzo Arbore

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